Recipes from our French Chefs

French cuisine is highly appreciated worldwide, but it’s also considered as the most sophisticated one with recipes that are unpossible to make at home. That is wrong !!

It takes 10 minutes to prepare poached pears… same for a delightful chocolate light cream… a truffles flavored mashed potatoes purée is ready in exactly 15 minutes.

Corinne A. Preteur, creator, owner and direction of Cooking & Lifestyle Vacations France loves to cook. She has been improving her knowledge and technique through celebrity chefs she worked with when she ran her marketing and PR business.

She partook cooking classes by hundreds to be able to prepare a well-balanced 3-course meal in the shortest time. 30 minutes chrono… and the lunch or dinner is ready !! And everybody enjoy it.

Don’t wait…  join Corinne’s community !


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